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Tony Rowell Images Featured in December 2013 Issue of Astronomy
Astronomy Magazine
A PERSEID WITH TRAIL This two-part image shows a bright Perseid meteor streaking southward along the Milky Way. The left frame is the frame where the meteor appears brightest. The other shot is one of the frames that shows the lingering smoke trail that followed the flash. (Nikon D800E DSLR, Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens set at f/2.8, ISO 3200, 20-second exposures, taken August 13, 2013, at 12:44 a.m. PDT, from the Mojave Desert, California) • Tony Rowell

Tony Rowell image in September 2013 Mountain Bike Action Magazine
Tony Rowell Film in February
2013 Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine


Tony Rowell's Sierra Starlight appeared in the February, 2013 Astronomy magazine New Products page. More than two years in the making, this film is a tour of dark-sky locations in the United States and the beauty above them and features breathtaking timelapse scenes shot in Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Own it on DVD for just $14.95,
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Sierra Starlight: a Film by Tony Rowell
Tony Rowell Image in December, 2012 Outdoor Photographer Magazine

OP contributor Tony Rowell has pioneered time-lapse techniques, as well, and on his website, you can see a number of examples of time-lapse movies that show the night sky in motion.

Shutter Speeds & Shutter Angles |

Tony Rowell Image Featured in
October 2012 Issue of Astronomy
Astronomy Magazine

Tony Rowell’s image of a mobius arch is featured as one of Astronomy Magazine’s 100 Greatest Pictures of the Year.

Tony Rowell Image featured in
April, 2012 Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine
Tony Rowell Image Chosen for
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Magazine
Tony Rowell Images featured in
Astronomy’s Guide To Meteor Showers
Astronomy Magazine


Four of Tony Rowell’s astrophotos, Perseid Meteor over Mojave Desert; Meteor at Dawn, Mono Lake, California; Meteor and Milky Way, Bristlecone Cabin, White Mountains and Geminid Meteor over Snow-Covered Christmas Tree, Eastern Sierra, are featured in Astronomy’s Guide To Meteor Showers.

Tony Rowell Image featured in
December, 2011 Astronomy Magazine
Tony Rowell Image Featured in
November 2011 Issue of Astronomy
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine's Spectacular Universe

Tony Rowell’s CARMA and Milky Way is featured as one of Astronomy Magazine’s 100 Greatest Pictures of the Year.

Astronomy Magazine November 2011
Tony Rowell Wins 1st Prize in 2011 Outdoor Photographer Great Outdoors Contest
This image was chosen from among more than 10,000 entries and was
published in the July, 2011 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.
To purchase Moonbow and Stars at Yosemite Falls, CLICK HERE.
Outdoor Photographer, July 2011
Tony Rowell Image Featured in
2011 Astronomy Special Issue
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Magazine's Spectacular Universe


A Tony Rowell image is
featured in the special
Summer, 2011 issue of
Astronomy Magazine’s
Spectacular Universe

Tony Rowell Image Featured in
January 2011 Issue of Astronomy
Astronomy Magazine
Perseid meteor over joshua trees by Tony Rowell
Tony Rowell Image Featured in
2010 Issue of Nature’s Best Photography
Windland Smith Rice International Awards Smithsonian Exhibition 2010
Highly Honored in People in Nature Category
Stargazer Silhouette and Milky Way by Tony Rowell
Tony Rowell image in December, 2010
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
Image (c) Tony Rowell
Tony Rowell Image Featured in
August 2010 Issue of Astronomy
Astronomy Magazine
CARMA Array by Tony Rowell
CARMA Array by Tony Rowell
Tony Rowell a Winner in International Earth and Sky Photo Contest
Selected from submissions by photographers in over 30 countries
Full Moon Rainbow by Tony Rowell

2010 April 1: The World at Night and Dark Skies Awareness organized the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on Dark Skies Importance. Submissions were received during the second half of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

The first prize in the Beauty of Night Sky category is “Full Moon Rainbow” by Tony Rowell who receives a Celestron CG5 computerized telescope mount. The photo is taken from the Yosemite Falls of California in a moonlit night. As noted by David Malin “It’s a strong, beautifully executed composition, blending a starry night sky, moonlight and a magnificent landscape in a most imaginative way.”

Three additional images by Tony were chosen as notable photos, all positively credited by TWAN members and the contest judges, as stunning and relevant photos to the contest theme:

Contest Judging:

The first selection and voting was made by TWAN world-wide photographers. The most voted photos were then considered by the contest judge team for 5 winners in each category of the contest, including:

  • David Malin (the most distinguished night sky photographer in the world, TWAN member and consultant).
  • Mike Simmons (President of Astronomers Without Borders and TWAN co-founder, contributing editor at Sky&Telescope magazine).
  • Connie Walker (Director of Dark Sky Awareness project and Globe at Night program, senior science education specialist at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory).
  • Richard Wainscoat (Photographer and astronomer at the University of Hawaii, the chair of International Astronomical Union Commission on Controlling Light Pollution).
  • Babak Tafreshi (Founder and director of TWAN, award winning night sky photographer, and board member of Astronomers Without Borders).
Tony Rowell Image in 2009 Issue of Nature’s Best Photography
Windland Smith Rice International Awards Smithsonian Exhibition 2009
Nature's Best Photography - Art in Nature, Highly Honored
Tony Rowell explains his technique in Nature's Best magazine
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Meteor at Dawn, Mono Lake, CA by Tony Rowell

Tony Rowell’s Meteor at Dawn, Mono Lake, CA, was chosen for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day on November 19, 2009.

Tony’s image was featured on the NASA website along with a brief explanation, written by a professional astronomer, indicating why this image was chosen: “Eerie spires of rock rise from shore of Mono Lake in the foreground of this early morning skyscape. The salty, mineral-laden lake is located in California’s eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range and the spindly rock formations are naturally formed limestone towers called tufa. In the scene, recorded near the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower (now subsiding) on November 17th, a meteor trails through the frigid predawn sky. Arcturus is the brightest star to the right of the meteor streak, while the constellation Leo and the shower’s radiant point lie well above the field of view. Reports for this year’s Leonids suggest the peak activity briefly exceeded 120 meteors per hour, but rates were typically much lower for many locations.”

To view the image online, visit the NASA APOD website. To view (and purchase) this image, please visit Tony’s Online Gallery.

The Inyo Register
Thursday, November 19, 2009
The Inyo Register, 2009-11-19, A3
Tony Rowell article in July, 2009 issue
of Outdoor Photographer Magazine
The Art of Astrophotography by Tony Rowell featured in Outdoor Photographer magazine.

The July, 2009 issue of Outdoor Photographer features a 4-page article written by Tony Rowell, The Art of Astrophotography. The article includes three of Tony’s astronomy images, including Bristlecone Pine and Milky Way, White Mountains; Petroglyphs and stars, Eastern Sierra, California and Tufa rocks and Milky Way, Mono Lake, California.

The entire article with photos is available online at the Outdoor Photographer web site at:

Click cover to zoom »

Tony’s images chosen for Astronomy
Magazine’s “Picture of the Day”

Two images by Tony Rowell were chosen for Astronomy magazine’s Picture of the Day in June, 2009, The two images were published on the magazine’s web site a week apart:

Lunar Rainbow and Stars after Clearing Storm was published on the web site on June 4, 2009. A beautiful rainbow under lower Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, illuminated by a full moon.

Bristlecone Pine and Milky Way was published on the web site on June 11, 2009. Tony captured this breathtaking image of an ancient Bristlecone Pine and the Milky Way over the White Mountains in Bishop, California, on June 2, 2008.

To visit the Astronomy magazine web site and view Tony’s images, click the titles in the paragraphs above.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Meteor and Milky Way, Bristlecone (Shulman) cabin by Tony Rowell

Tony Rowell’s Meteor and Milky Way, Bristlecone cabin, White Mountains, was chosen for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day on May 1, 2009.

Tony’s image was featured on the NASA website along with a description of the astronomical events it captured, written by a NASA scientist, indicating why this image was chosen: “…photographer Tony Rowell still managed to catch one bright Lyrid meteor. Recorded in early morning hours, his well-composed image looks toward the south from [the] White Mountains of eastern California, USA. During the time exposure, he briefly illuminated an old mining cabin in the region’s Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the foreground. The rich starfields and dust clouds of our own Milky Way galaxy stretch across the background, along the meteor’s glowing trail.”

To view the image online, visit the NASA APOD website. To view (and purchase) more astronomical images by Tony Rowell, visit

Tony Rowell receives
Yosemite Renaissance Award
Yosemite Museum Exhibit
Yosemite Fund President Michael Tollefson and Tony Rowell
at the Yosemite Museum Gallery.

February 27, 2009 photo by Loren McKechnie

Tony Rowell’s Bristlecone Pine and Milky Way, White Mountains ($500 Award) will be on view at the Yosemite Museum Gallery in Yosemite Valley Febuary 28th through May 3 from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. The exhibit will then travel to the following locations: Hanford (Kings Art Center), June-July; Mariposa County Government Center, August-September; Redwood City (San Mateo County Office of Education), October-November; Turlock (City Hall), November-December.

Yosemite Renaissance, now in its 24th year, organizes an annual art exhibit that encourages diverse interpretations of Yosemite and the environment of the Sierra Nevada. From a record number of nearly 600 entries, 43 paintings, photographs, sculptures and drawings by 38 artists from across the country were selected for this year's Yosemite Renaissance XXIV exhibit.

This exhibit is one of the best ever mounted by Yosemite Renaissance, said a spokesman, including a broad range of works from the representational to the abstract.

Sierra Summer Festival
Reflections of the Eastern Sierra
August 5, 2008, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Mammoth Lakes
Photo copyright Galen Rowell, courtesy of Mountain Light Photography.

Internationally-renowned photographer Galen Rowell spent his life traveling the world in search of adventure and sublime natural beauty, but always considered the Sierra Nevada his “home-field Shangri-La.” Shortly before he and his wife Barbara died in the crash of a chartered plane in August of 2002, they realized their dream of making the Eastern Sierra their home. Galen’s son Tony Rowell, VP of the Rowells’ Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, presented Sierra Reflections, the story of Galen’s life-long affair with the Sierra, and the ways in which the Range of Light molded his unique vision. Tony shared images of three generations of the Rowell family on the John Muir Trail as well as his own astronomy, landscape and nature photographs.

Tahoe Sierra Club
Tony Rowell Slide Show at Wine Tasting Event • Sunday, July 13, 2008
Bishop Visitors Guide
Sierra Club Yodler
January-February, 2008
The Inyo Register
Thursday, November 22, 2007
Reno Gazette-Journal
Monday, March 19, 2007
Rowell Award Ceremony
San Francisco Chronicle, December 10, 2006

Bright light: The Commonwealth Club (along with Yosemite National Institutes and the Rowell Legacy Committee) hosted a reception where veteran NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw paid tribute to two late friends, environmentalist and renowned wildlife photographer Galen Rowell and his wife, Barbara Rowell, at the Rowell Awards ceremony honoring environmental nature photographer Beth Wald.

1. Suprise guest Robert Redford (left) and Tony
hold copies of a new book of Rowell’s
father’s work.2. Richard Goldman (left) with
Cissie Swig and Brokaw.

Climbing Mt. Whitney for Tibet
Climbers on Summit of Mount Whitney, Friday, June 16, 2006. Photo © Tony Rowell

A group of famous mountaineers, members and staff of International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), and supporters reached the summit of Mt. Whitney on Friday, June 16, and raised more than $38,000 in pledges and donations. The climb, including legendary climbers Conrad Anker and Peter Croft, launched “50 for Tibet,” an initiative of ICT members to climb the highest peak in every state within a one year period—an average of one peak per week, ending on Alaska's 20,320-foot Denali.

The climbers, also including ICT President John Ackerly and staff member Denise Clegg, ascended by two different routes, which were both still covered with snow and ice, requiring the use of crampons and ice axes to navigate the upper sections of the peak.

Five climbers make their way up a snowy couloirs at about 13,500 feet. Photo © Tony Rowell

Tony Rowell, the son of Galen Rowell, was the group’s official photographer, and shared many memories of Galen and Barbara with the group. At the summit, Tony conducted a moving, brief ritual in memory of his father.

Each climber donated and / or raised funds which went to the Rowell Fund for Tibet, a program of the International Campaign for Tibet that gives grants up to $5,000 to Tibetans in India, Nepal, Tibet and elsewhere. The Fund focuses on environmental and women’s issues, and photography and journalism, in honor of Galen and Barbara Rowell, who were prominent advocates for Tibet before a tragic plane accident took their lives in 2001.

The icy top pitches right below the summit proved to be the steepest and most difficult. Photo © John Ackerly, ICT

Among the climbers was a young Tibetan scholar from Tibet who requested anonymity so that he could return to Tibet and carry on his work. Two years ago, he was one of the Tibetans who had received a Rowell Fund grant.

Bob Greco, an ICT member from Seattle said the climb “was physically exhausting, mentally challenging and all in all a rewarding and inspirational experience. What a great way of helping ICT help Tibet.”

Other climbers were Abby Bronson, John Fager, Curt Jones, Bruce Rich, John Ackerly and Justin Black. Two guides from Sierra Mountain Center coordinated the trip.

Another benefit climb, led by David Breashears and Jimmy Chin, up the Grand Teton in Wyoming is being organized from August 24 through 28.

2006 Tibet Calendar features
a few of Tony Rowell’s Images
In Tibet, a 2006 color wall calendar by the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), reveals a stunning cross section of Tibetan life–nomad tents, ordinary village scenes, monastic ceremonies and razor-edged Himalayan summits. Photographers include Tony Rowell, son of legendary photographer Galen Rowell; David Breashears, director of the IMAX Everest film; Jimmy Chin, who crossed the Chang Tang in search of the Tibetan antelope's birthing grounds; along with Kent Meireis and Ryan Fox. List price is $13 (US), and it is available at a discount to ICT members. Please visit the ICT website for more information.
New U.S. Stamp Commemorates Yosemite with Galen Rowell Image

A new international rate postage stamp featuring the incomparable beauty of Yosemite National Park was unveiled on February 24th in a ceremony in Yosemite Valley. This 84-cent stamp, which is part of the “Scenic American Landscapes” international rate series, features the “Gates of the Valley” (including El Capitan and the Merced River) and was created from an image captured by the late photographer Galen Rowell. This is the third time that Yosemite National Park has been featured on a postage stamp.

Yosemite National Park postmaster Bill Carroll, Yosemite superintendent Mike Tollefson, and Nicole Rowell Ryan and Tony Rowell, children of Galen and Barbara Rowell, unveiled the new stamp in front of the United States Post Office in Yosemite Valley. The event was attended by numerous park visitors, employees, and park and postal employees from the surrounding communities.

“We are honored to be featured on this beautiful stamp,” said Carroll.“The fact that this stamp will be utilized in post offices around the country until the rate changes makes it even more exciting. It is truly a great day and a great honor for Yosemite National Park.”

Tony Rowell and Nicole Rowell Ryan spoke of their father’s love for Yosemite and other wild places. They added that it is a great honor to have their father’s photograph grace a United States postage stamp. Galen and Barbara Rowell died in a plane crash in 2002.

In addition to the cachet envelopes for sale, commemorative pins and t-shirts were sold at the event. The Post Office and the Yosemite Association, the park’s cooperating educational association, will sell items throughout the park.

“Yosemite National Park is an icon throughout the world,” said Tollefson. “The stamp is a beautiful testament to the park and I’m excited about the image being mailed throughout the world. I think visitors sending letters from the park and people receiving letters with the new stamps will be very excited.”

“First Day of Sale” postmarks  and pictorial cancellations are available through the mail.  Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (large enough to accommodate a postcard) and mail it to: Pictorial Postmarks, United States Post Office, Yosemite, CA 95389.

Sierra Club Slide Show: Picturesque
view in honor of Rowell family
Merced Sun-Star, Friday, December 2nd, 2005 by Rosalio Ahumada

The work and life of late famed climber and nature photographer Galen Rowell is regarded as legendary by some.

His son, Tony Rowell, hopes to follow in his father's footsteps and carry on the family’s torch.

He showed members of the Merced Sierra Club his family’s photographic work Thursday night during the group’s annual banquet at the Branding Iron restaurant.

Everything from majestic images of Mount Everest in Tibet to picturesque views of a twilight midst over the snowclad banks of the Merced River.

“I hope to go back in the next couple of years and get some more photographs,” Rowell said of Tibet.

His family has taken on the task to support Tibetan people with the Rowell Fund For Tibet, which honors the memory of Rowell’s father and stepmother.

Barbara and Galen Rowell were killed in a plane crash in August 2002. The couple was able to communicate the beauty and hardship of Tibetan people through photography and writing.

Tony got a little choked up Thursday speaking about their death, but his voice was filled with pride as he spoke about his father’s adventures and causes.

Like an expedition to document a species of antelope that was close to extinction in Tibet. The project resulted in a 17-page article for National Geographic.

“There used to be a million of those, and now there was only about 75,000,” said Rowell of the antelope his father photographed. “With these photos, they were able to convince the Chinese government to extend the reserve.”

Rowell joined his father on some of these adventures, including a three-week trip working as his assistant in the Arctic Circle.

Roderick Webster, vice chairman of the Merced Sierra Club, said headliners like Rowell always draw out large groups of members to the annual banquet, who can’t attend every monthly meeting.

With chapters throughout the country and 750,000 members, the Sierra Club is America’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization.

“Because we want to protect the things we love and enjoy doing,” Webster said.

This year’s banquet gathered about 70 people, a larger group than last year.

He said having Rowell demonstrate his and his family’s work brought out those members, despite the rainy weather on Thursday night.

“Tony is starting to have a reputation of his own when it comes to nature photography,” Webster said.

This article is protected by copyright and may not be printed or distributed for anything except personal use.
Tony Rowell Slideshow at
Hope Valley Outdoor Center
Sunrise Meadow, John Muir Trail, Yosemite, California. Photo © Tony Rowell
On Saturday, July 23rd 2005, photographer Tony Rowell will show stunning imagery by his father, Galen Rowell, followed by slides from Tony's travels, including trips to the Arctic Circle, hiking the John Muir Trail, and his adventure to China and Tibet. Limited seating available, first come first served.
A Photographic Tribute to
Galen and Barbara Rowell

Sierra Club East Bay Dinner, Thursday December 2, 2004. Join us for an evening of stunning imagery as photographer Tony Rowell presents a photographic tribute to his father Galen Rowell and his stepmother Barbara Cushman Rowell. During a 20-year career in which he became the world’s preeminent wilderness and remote-region photographer, Galen Rowell pioneered a dimension of nature photography in which the photographer transcends the status of mere observer to become immersed in participation with the subject. He made more than 35 journeys to the mountains of five continents. He authored 18 books, including his world-famous Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape, and was a major contributor to dozens more.

Inspired by his father, Tony Rowell strives to show the beauty of the earth through his own photography. A Berkeley native, Rowell found himself involved in his father’s work from a young age as he accompanied his father to remote wilderness areas in Alaska, Canada, and the American West. Rowell studied at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, and his photos have appeared in his father’s books and in Backpacker and Outdoor Photography. His work is currently on display at the Tioga Pass Resort near Yosemite. Tony will show slides from a 1997 expedition he took with his father to the Arctic Circle, a 2004 trip on the John Muir Trail, and his most recent adventure, a 17-day trip to Tibet with National Geographic Expeditions. He will also show images from his stepmother Barbara Rowell’s book Flying South, the inspiring story of her plane trip of a lifetime–a 25,000 mile, 57-leg journey in her Cessna 206.

Another Rowell returns
from Tibetan Adventures
The Inyo Register, Saturday, September 11th, 2004 by Barbara Ferrey-Laughon
This Buddha rock carving greets travelers on the road to Lhasa, Tibet. Photo © Tony Rowell

Son of famed, late nature
photographer journeys to
follow in his father’s footsteps.

Tony Rowell’s eyes glisten with exuberance as he recounts his recent trip to Tibet. Carefully choosing his words, Rowell talks of his encounters with the people of Tibet, their lifestyle and their culture. A boyish grin crosses his face when asked about the countryside.

“It looks just like Bishop,” he says with a smile. “I mean the mountains and the rivers look just like the ones here. It’s so beautiful and so familiar.”

With the familiarity came some clarity for the son of the late world-renowned photographer Galen Rowell. Growing up in the Bay Area, Tony found himself immersed in his father’s work from an early age, traveling with him to wilderness areas in Alaska, Canada and the American West. As a teen, Tony was aware of his father’s deep passion for Tibet. He heard his father’s tales, saw his father’s photographs, and respected his father’s views. Yet, for young Tony, Tibet seemed so distant in so many ways.

Occupied by the Chinese government since the 1950s, Tibet was sealed off from foreign travel until 1980. Working on assignment for National Geographic magazine, Galen Rowell was among the first Americans granted access to Tibet’s mountain provinces. The trip was the beginning of a life-long love affair for Galen. In all, the elder Rowell visited the Himalayas more than 25 times during his lifetime, authored two books and numerous magazine articles about the region, and became an advocate for a free Tibet. Galen’s commitment to Tibet lives on today through The Rowell Fund for Tibet, which provides grants to Tibetans in the language and visual arts who can make significant contributions to society.

Following his father’s death in 2002, Tibet became a homing beacon for Tony Rowell. “It was just something I knew I had to experience,” he says. Armed with his father’s camera for luck, Tony signed on for a 17-day photography trip this past August with National Geographic Expeditions. He soon found himself at the scene of some of his father’s most memorable and famous photographs and expeditions.

Arriving in Bejing, China and then continuing on to Lhasa, Tibet, Tony retraced the route taken by his father on many of his trips through Tibet. “I really felt a connection to my Dad as I recognized the locations where he composed many of his photographs,” Tony says. “The emotion was particularly strong when our group arrived at the Potala Palace.”

The Potala Palace—the 13-story, 1,000-room former residence of Tibet’s now-exiled spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dali Lama—is the subject of what many say is Galen Rowell’s signature photograph. Made in 1981, Galen’s “Rainbow over Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet,” is among his most widely published and recognizable work. Authenticated and signed prints of the photograph are valued at several thousand dollars.

Tony found himself drawn to photographing the Tibetan people—everyone from the Buddhist monks and pilgrims to the shopkeepers and nomadic herdsmen. “Each face has a unique story to tell,” he explains. “I only hope I can do them justice.”

Tony also found himself photographing much of the landscape between Lhasa and Shigatse. “I have high hopes for the film I shot during a lightning storm, but we’ll see,” Tony says. “I also got some amazing sunrises and sunsets.”

In all, Tony shot more than 2,000 slides during his time in Tibet. He hopes to have some of the photographs from his trip available on his web site [gallery] within the next few weeks. The slide selection and editing process can take several weeks and only yield a few truly transcendent images. “I really like the idea that I’m new enough to this process that I can still learn something from almost every slide I make,” Tony says. “I hope to one day be as good as my Dad.”

He pauses as he plays that statement in his mind. It’s obviously one he’s thought about for some time now.

Again, the boyish grin crosses his face. “I know I have some big shoes to fill,” he says, “but I think I’m up for the challenge.”

The Photography of Galen
and Barbara Rowell

Sierra Club San Francisco Dinner, Thursday May 20, 2004. At the May San Francisco Dinner, photographer Tony Rowell will give a slide presentation including the stunning photography of his father Galen and his stepmother Barbara Cushman Rowell.

Galen Rowell pioneered a special brand of participatory wilderness photography in which the photographer transcends being an observer with a camera to become an active participant in the image. Galen’s emotional connection to his subject matter came across clearly in the early mountain-climbing photographs that first brought him public recognition, but his landscape imagery, often made on the same adventures, has proven even more evocative because of the visual power he created from what he described as “a continuing pursuit in which the art becomes the adventure, and vice-versa.”

Over 20 years Galen made more than 35 journeys to the mountains of five continents. He authored 18 books, including the best-selling Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape, and was a major contributor to dozens more.

Tony will also show images from Barbara Rowell’s Flying South, the inspiring story of her plane trip of a lifetime–a 25,000-mile, 57-leg journey flying her Cessna 206 through Latin America and exploring the recesses of her soul, discovering unrealized self-confidence, irrepressible resourcefulness, and vast reserves of emotional and physical strength. Her adventurous tale includes landing her plane in the middle of a coup in Panama; narrowly escaping disaster when flight instruments failed over Peru; flying herself to an oral surgeon after a mouth-smashing accident on Chile's Bio Bio River; fighting plane-shredding winds over the Andes; and surviving a life-threatening tropical storm off the coast of Brazil–all while navigating the pervasive and demoralizing chauvinism of the aviation world.

Tony Rowell is a published photographer himself and will show slides of his own work.

Join us for a very special evening in remembrance of these extraordinary artists, Galen and Barbara Rowell.

Mountain Light special guest
gallery exhibit, “Influences”
Yosemite Falls. Photo © Tony Rowell

Mountain Light Gallery is pleased to announce Influences, a special three-photographer guest exhibit. This exhibit will be a tribute to Galen Rowell’s profound influence on the many up-and-coming photographers he worked with over the years.

Influences will run January 1 through March 31, 2004. A public reception is set for Saturday, February 7, 4 to 8 pm at Mountain Light Gallery.

Influences will feature the works of Justin Carder Black, Jerry Dodrill and Tony Rowell. These three photographers all worked closely with and were heavily influenced by Galen Rowell.

The Inyo Register
Saturday, January 17th, 2004
Exhibit at Marin Headlands
Bobcat with prey, Marin County, California. Photo © Tony Rowell

A display of wildlife photography by Tony Rowell will be at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center throughout 2003.

Several of Tony’s photographs are on view including a bobcat jumping for its prey and his rare shot of a wild bobcat with it’s prey in its mouth, a pocket gopher. Also on display are other wildlife photographs including a coyote, a great horned owl and tule elk silhouetted at sunset, as well as landscapes of the bay area including a beautiful nighttime shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hours for the display are 9:30 to 4:30 Monday through Saturday, call (415) 331-1540 for more information.

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All images and content are © Tony Rowell Photography unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. No form of reproduction, including copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of said image files, is authorized unless accompanied by a written license issued by Tony Rowell Photography. For information regarding commercial or personal uses, please contact Tony Rowell Photography. All prices subject to change without prior notification.